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: the province takes its name from the historical Jambi Sultanate which ruled over the area from the 17th to the 19th centuries Lampung : From the word "Lambung" in the Old Malay phrase anjak Lambung, which means "descended from the heights". 49 This former variant reappears as "Braslav" or "Preslava" on coins minted by King István I of Hungary, dating to about the year 1000 and in which appeared the motto "Preslavva Civitas". Retrieved 25 November 2006 Witzel, Michael. Various theories see it deriving from a Roman town called Alba, from several prossible Basque etymologies and even from Arabs (who, however, never occupied the province for long). The name may also reflect the name of Los Lagos Region (Spanish for Region of the Lakes) from which Los Ríos split away. French Guiana, a territory: See France and Guiana at List of country-name etymologies. Carteret named the main island "Pitcairn's Island" after the man who first saw land: the son of Major Pitcairn of the Marines. Sumatra : from Ibn Battuta 's 14th-century pronunciation of the name of the Samudra Kingdom (13th to 15th centuries CE) Yogyakarta : From 'Jogja' and 'Karta'.

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Leinster : Laighin in Irish. Gauteng : The Sesotho name for the province's and country's largest city of Johannesburg. Holland (part of the Netherlands; but the term often refers to the country as a whole Germanic "holt (i.e. 45 Vasmer suggests a Kabardian origin: šešen. Form of El-sasz,.e. Munster : Mhumhain in Irish. Puerto Rico, a territory with commonwealth status: Christopher Columbus named the island San Juan Bautista in honour of Saint John the Baptist in 1493. Counties edit Akershus Fortress of (the district) Aker (named after the farm Aker, meaning agriculture field) Aust-Agder East Agder.

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Württemberg: after Württemberg Castle, which stood on the Württemberg, a hill in Stuttgart, formerly Wirtemberg, further origin uncertain ( -berg means "mountain Bavaria (German Bayern the state of Bavaria developed out of the tribe of the Baiuvarii, who probably gained their name from the land. North West : From its geographic position, in the north of the country and west of the main population-centre of Gauteng. Hordaland land of the Charudes, an old tribe. Navarra has been argued to have either a Basque or Romance etymology. (Officially known as New Mecklenburg (German: Neumecklenburg or Neu-Mecklenburg ) during the period of German New Guinea from 1885 to 1914.) See also: Peruvian region name etymologies Philippines edit See also: List of Philippine provincial name etymologies Portugal edit Alentejo : meaning "beyond the Tejo. Note: After the Lombard invasion, the name "Longobardia" or "Langobardia" applied to the whole of Italy for about two centuries, throughout Europe and also in Arabic ( al-Ankubardiya ). Oppland the Upper lands Oslo disputed, maybe "the meadow beneath the ridge see History of Oslo's name Rogaland land of the Rugii, an old tribe. 46 The native term, Noxçi, comes from nexça (sheep cheese nox (plow) or from the prophet Noah ( Nox in Chechen). 6; Janota, Bratislavské rarity, pág. In honor of Edward, Thomas, and William Jarvis, the owners of his vessel the Eliza Francis. thai dating phuket pohjanmaa

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